(D+ 700 m)


The beginning and the end of LMIT and LMIminiT are in Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca (VARESE) at the "Parco delle Feste" ballroom (near the sports field).


LAGO MAGGIORE "Non Competitive" is organized by A.S.D. Val Veddasca and Molinera Running.
The event can boast the patronage of the Mountain Community Valli del Verbano and the Municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca (VA).

LAGO MAGGIORE "Non Competitive" is open to all persons aged at least 18 (eighteen) on the date of the event.
The event will be held on a stretch with Departure and Arrival in Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca (Parco delle Feste).
The race will take place in any meteorological condition.

All participants will be honored with a gift.

Hiking route. Itinerary that takes place almost always on paths or on various terrain (pastures, debris, rocks) with signs. There are no stretches with mountaineering difficulties.

The route goes through the following itinerary (mountain environment of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca):
- Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca - Sport Field(206m)
- Village of Garabiolo (566m)
- "Mountain Community" hostel
- Village of Musignano (746m)
- Villageof Sarangio (534m)
- Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca - Sport Field (206m)

for a total of 12.5 km and a positive difference in height of 710 meters.

Along the way, the kilometers are not marked. Competitors must strictly respect the race path indicated by signs of biodegradable paint in orange color (2 rods superimposed vertically or horizontally or arrows), tapes or flags.

Any signs of different colors must be overlooked as they indicate paths that are unrelated to Lago Maggiore "Non Competitive".

If you do not meet the aforementioned signs for a distance of 300 meters, you must go back to make sure you are on the correct path. Leaving the official route will take place at the sole risk and danger of the competitor.

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