KM 55 D+ 4.170 m


Sunday, May 2nd, 2021


Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca (VA) - ITALY


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LAGO MAGGIORE INTERNATIONAL TRAIL (LMIT) 55 Km con 4.170 m D+; - Valore ITRA 3, per la CCC (“Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix CCC®”), per la TDS ("Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie") e per OCC 2021. ;


The departure and arrival of LMIT will take place in Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca (VARESE) at the "Parco delle Feste" (adjacent to the sports field).

The competitors must present themselves for the punching of the bibs at the Wedosport timekeepers stand, set up near the starting line within the hours:

- 6:40 am for LMIT (race starts at 7:00am);


The time limit to reach the finish line is of 13:00 hours for LMIT

We’ll provide a "broom service" which will follow the last competitor on the track, in order to be able to help with any withdrawals and to prevent any injured persons from being left without assistance.

For LMIT you’ll find the following “time gates”:

-at 11:55 am Passo Forcora (km 21,3 time max 4h55’); -
- at 2:05 pm Ponte di Piero (km 30,5 time max 7h5’);
-at 6:00 pm Rifugio Campiglio (km 43,5 time max 11h);

For LMIT it could be surprisingly established along the way (at the discretion of the Organization) bibs control operations.

Athletes who pass the gates beyond the maximum time may continue by delivering the bib number without assistance.

The areas where the time gates are located can be reached by car or by the Civil Protection means, and therefore are points where the athlete, unable to continue, can retreat.

In the event of retreat during the race, it is compulsory to notify the race staff present along the route as soon as possible and to deliver the bib number, then it will be possible to continue exclusively under one's own responsibility and in complete autonomy.

In the event of failure to notify a retreat and the consequent start of the search for the trailer, any resulting expense will be charged to the rider himself.

The evacuation of runners who abandon the race, or who cannot overcome a "time gate" in good time, is subject to the availability of means of transport, the priorities of the race, the meteorological situation, etc. There is therefore no right to be evacuated immediately unless it is an emergency medical evacuation.


The race takes place with water-food assistance.
The refreshment points will be as follows:

-Bassano / liquid + solid (Km 14,1);
-Passo Forcora / liquid + solid (21,3);
-Monterecchio / natural water (Km 26);
-Lozzo / natural water; -Ponte di Piero / liquid + solid (Km 30,5);
-Monteviasco / natural water;
-Capanna Merigetto / natural water (Km 35);
-Monte Lema / liquid + solid (Km 40,5);
-Regordallo / natural water (Km 49).

Athletes will have to throw : waste, glasses, gels, bars, etc. into the special containers made available at the refreshment points

Anyone who is caught throwing something out of the containers will be disqualified

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